Meet the team

Here are the senior members of the Reactive Technologies team: 

  • Volker Beckers, Chairman

Volker was Group CEO of RWE Npower plc until the end of 2012 and prior to this, its Group CFO from 2003 to 2009. He has held senior positions in a variety of trade and industry bodies, including the CBI President’s Committee, the German-British Chamber of Industry & Commerce, the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) and UKBCSE (now Energy UK).  Volker is currently a non-executive director of HM Revenue & Customs and Elexon Ltd and is Chair of Spenceram Ltd and Albion Community Power plc. With more than 20 years’ senior experience within the energy industry, he has a comprehensive knowledge of European energy markets. Volker holds a Diploma in Economics/Business Administration from Cologne University.

Volker currently sits on the Advisory Board of the EU Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS) at King’s College, and is Chair of the Advisory Board with Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business (ECFEB), a specialist research centre at Rotterdam School of Management. In 2014 he joined the Board of Trustees of Forum for the Future. He is also a member of The Worshipful Company of Fuellers and a Fellow of the Energy Institute.

  • Marc Borrett, CEO

Marc was formerly the co-founder & CEO of Innovision Research & Technology plc, a UK-based semiconductor company at the forefront of NFC technology and wireless chips. Innovision had world-class customers and was acquired by Broadcom in 2010. Marc has a degree in Business Studies, 20 patents to his name and holds the Queen’s Award for Technology Export. 

  • Jens Madrian, CFO, CCO

Prior to joining Reactive Technologies, Jens was CFO of RWE  Npower, one of the big six UK energy retailers. While in  position as CFO and as Managing Director for RWE’s European  Group Sales Portfolio Management, Jens transformed RWE  Npower’s culture and strategy into a customer centric  organisation and supported its operational turn around in a  highly competitive market. Jens holds a PhD in International  Management and Master of Business Administration from the  University of Muenster, Germany

  • Jukka Alakontiola, CTO

Jukka was the core contributor to Nokia’s global instant messaging and notification platforms, which had a considerable impact on Nokia’s key markets worldwide. Jukka also has an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, majoring in Software Technology. 

  • Aki Vanhatalo, Chief Architect

Formerly Nokia’s Senior Software Architect, Aki has two MScs in Industrial Engineering and Management – and majored in Software Technology and Business Administration.

  • Reactive Finland Development Team

The Reactive Finland Development Team consists of leading developers, formerly for Nokia, and with a strong track record in delivering highly reliable software systems. They are the only Software Fellow and Senior Members from the Nokia “Pitbull” Software teams, with 130 patents between them.