Smarter Networks Management

As transmission and distribution networks are faced with ever increasing challenges of managing greater proportions and amounts of intermittent renewable generation (supply) and greater volatility in energy consumption (demand), Reactive believe there are better options available than simply reinforcements and upgrades of existing equipment.

Reactive are developing new methods and solutions to solve the significant challenges facing networks in highly cost-effective and efficient ways.

Reactive are developing highly novel solutions to enable System Operators and Distribution Network Operators to have greater visibility and control over their networks – to better understand what is generating and consuming electricity at any one time from within their network.

Reactive are also developing solutions to enable greater renewable generation to be integrated and at the same time helping to increase network efficiency and overall resiliency.

Reactive are working with some of the world’s best known System Operators and Network companies and are very interested to make contact with similar organisations around the world. Please get in touch.