Demand Side Management – B2B

Reactive Technologies have developed an innovative new Demand Side Management (DSM) solution, called Tradenergy®. The solution is set to redefine the traditional DSM model of high investment and uncertain returns with a unique and sustainable approach to energy management, known as ‘Smarter DSM’. The Tradenergy® Smarter DSM service is provided free to large corporate multi-site customers such as food and non-food retailers, hotels, hospitals, university campuses and offices in return for a share of new revenues/savings that are delivered.

Tradenergy® uses a secure, cloud-based platform to remotely optimise how and when individual electrical assets consume energy. From Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration compressors, to storage and much more, Tradenergy® enables multiple revenue streams and savings to be made in partnership with the end user’s energy supplier.

Tradenergy®’s secure cloud-based platform uses mass communications to maximise an end user’s inherent operational flexibility. The solution is able to build megawatts of electricity by aggregating the power of many individual kilowatt-level devices. It uses an end user’s existing controls to optimise the profile of their energy consumption and release the untapped value in their daily operations.

Shifting the DSM paradigm

Tradenergy®’s unique approach to energy management represents one of the most significant and exciting changes to the energy market in decades. While most DSM providers rely on a small number of high output devices, such as diesel generators, Tradenergy®’s platform makes it possible to harness volumes of small assets more efficiently. This way it can run a DSM service with far greater scale and sophistication, with a lower carbon footprint.

Tradenergy® delivers value 24/7, 365 days a year, to a wide range of key industries including supermarkets, retailers, hotels, offices, campuses, hospitals, manufacturing sites and more – providing them with significant financial savings on energy. This is, in part, because Tradenergy® uses existing efficiency and management controls in a new way. By contrast, many of its competitors impose long-term, locked-in contracts necessitated by CAPEX investment to implement expensive dedicated hardware into the end user’s business.

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