Reactive Technologies aims to help create a more intelligent and progressive approach to managing electrical energy, and to protect against the uncertainty of ever-changing market conditions.

We are bringing a new approach to the challenge. As a result of our corporate DNA in mass communications systems, many of our engineers have helped shape the mobile telecommunications industry and so rather than simply resorting to the old paradigms of investing in more large centralised assets – we believe there are smarter, more scalable and effective ways to manage the grid with innovative technological solutions.

Imagine if there was a way for large energy users to create value from their inherent operational energy consumption flexibility.

There is. We’ve developed a cloud-based Demand Side Management (DSM) solution – Tradenergy® – that allows businesses to use their natural demand flexibility to cushion against the effects of the instability in the energy market.

Imagine if there was a way to safely, securely and instantaneously measure how many EVs or night storage heaters were “on” at a given time – or how many PVs were exporting to the grid?

There is. We’ve developed a new way for System Operators to instantaneously measure aggregated consumption (and generation) of groups of electrical assets. Our solution has been successfully trialled with the UK’s National Grid – and successfully eliminates privacy concerns or issues for individual consumers.