Reactive Technologies Launches Next Generation Grid Management Solution GridMetrix

June 7, 2017 / Events, News

Reactive Technologies is excited to announce that we launched our highly anticipated next generation grid management solution GridMetrix at the International Cigre Symposium in Dublin.

GridMetrix is the first technology on the market capable of accurately measuring system inertia which is critical to enabling grid operators to maintain security of supply cost-effectively in an increasingly volatile energy environment.

GridMetrix delivers unique system data and deep insights to help manage grids in real-time and drive critical grid investment and procurement decisions.

The benefits GridMetrix delivers for grid operators include:

DIRECT INERTIA MEASUREMENT: Accurate measurement of system stability for the first time, enabling more efficient grid management in a low inertia environment
INTUITIVE VISUALISATION: User-friendly, customised grid analytics dashboard, supporting integration of existing control room systems
ENHANCED FINANCIAL DECISIONS: Detailed post-event analysis and ultrafast data allowing for more effective procurement of ancillary services and an improved investment strategy
REAL-TIME SYSTEM ANALYTICS: High resolution regional and national view of key system parameters leading to substantially improved performance capabilities.

For grid operators, this results in significant cost savings, more effective ancillary services procurement decisions and, most importantly, substantial improvements in operational grid stability.

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