Delivering added value to generation asset owners through tech enabled forecasting, plus imbalance and price risk-management.

Our Tech-Led Dynamic PPA

We are fast-forwarding the energy transition by empowering renewable generators and corporates to manage their power positions more effectively by establishing longer term, lower risk agreements. We are taking the complexity out of buying and selling green power.

dynamic ppa - tradeenergy

MWs Currently Under Management

Dynamic Power
Purchase Agreement

Our long-term backed Dynamic PPA, powered by the technologically advanced Tradenergy® platform, enables generators to access relevant market opportunities and benefit from reduced imbalance and price risk.

Dynamic PPA Delivers More

Our advanced Tradenergy® platform, trading expertise and ability to partner with leading energy
retailers ensures our Dynamic PPA delivers added value over other PPAs in the market.

imbalance price risk management

Imbalance Risk

Reduced imbalance exposure resulting in improved power prices by using the Tradenergy® optimisation platform.

ai enabled forecasting

AI Enabled

Advanced forecasting underpinned by real-time site condition monitoring and machine learning techniques.

flexibility market access

Flexibility Market

Full market value leveraged by dispatching and optimising assets across balancing services.

active price risk management

Active Price Risk

Commodity hedging and optimisation through wholesale and corporate PPA markets to manage price risk.

We deliver value to generators by analysing all relevant data
and applying advanced optimisation techniques.

dynamic ppa tradeenergy platform

dynamic ppa tradeenergy platform

tradeenergy platform

tradeenergy platform

What Tradenergy® Can Do

Our optimisation platform, Tradenergy®, is the engine behind the Dynamic PPA. It delivers advanced forecasting, improved risk management and optimisation across flexibility options. Tradenergy® leverages as much value as possible for renewable generators and makes buying renewable power simpler and less risky for corporates.

Remote Dispatch

Ability to connect to and control generation assets

Revenue Stacking

Leverage flexibility across all relevant markets


Ability to optimise across fleets of assets in the UK and abroad


Intelligent platform that is able to adapt to new products and markets

Product Vision

We will be expanding our Dynamic PPA to allow access to intraday wholesale and balancing markets.

Looking further ahead, we will be launching a Corporate PPA in the UK. This will enable the use of managed flexibility to structure green products matching consumer demands and risk appetites.

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