Real-time grid insights for smarter trading decisions

Maximising margins from the Net Zero transition

Increased penetration of renewables has led to variability of supply, volatility of wholesale electricity prices and shortened reaction times for energy traders.

In a complex and fast-moving energy market Reactive’s smart Tradenergy® platform enables traders and asset owners to exploit opportunities and gain competitive advantage.

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tradeenergy platform

tradeenergy platform

What Tradenergy® Can Do

If you are a power trader … Tradenergy® removes the complexity of interpreting market data, so you can focus on day-to-day trading strategies

If you are a system operator … Tradenergy® improves power market transparency and therefore efficiency, for decarbonisation at lowest cost to consumers

If you are an asset owner … Tradenergy® gives you the tools to better manage your generation profiles with more visibility

If you are an investor … Tradenergy® can improve decision-making and enhance your ROI, making investment in the sector more attractive

Accessible and actionable

High value insights

Proven technology

Real and trusted

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