Reactive Technologies Statement on Publication of National Grid Power Outage Report by Ofgem

September 10, 2019


Reactive Technologies Chief Executive Officer Marc Borrett commented: “National Grid has acted swiftly to identify the causes of the recent frequency events and it is clear from its new report that it has taken several steps to ensure it is fit to respond to future system needs, including incorporating technologies and initiatives to facilitate the greater integration of renewables onto the UK grid.


Reactive Technologies’ recent commercial partnership with National Grid ESO to start providing the first ever direct inertia measurement service based on its unique patented technology is a clear example of its efforts to proactively seek innovative solutions and ensure future system stability at a fair price for consumers. By working with Reactive to directly measure inertia in order to enhance operational decision-making, National Grid ESO is at the forefront of addressing the kinds of challenges all system operators around the world will face as the necessary transition to renewables continues to transform our grids”.




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Notes to Editors

Reactive Technologies is a highly innovative UK and Finland based clean tech company accelerating the transition to a low carbon future by creating and implementing cutting-edge telecommunications breakthroughs to address the energy industry’s greatest challenges. Reactive has been awarded a number of accolades including being named in the 2018 Cleantech Group ‘Ones to Watch’ list which features exciting up-and-coming companies globally. To find out more, please visit


Reactive Technologies’ commercial partnership with National Grid ESO follows a successful innovation project in which GridMetrix® accurately measured power grid inertia, a technological world first.



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