Reactive Technologies Secures Landmark European Demand Side Response Deal

February 16, 2017

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Reactive Technologies Limited is delighted to announce the contract signature between its French subsidiary company and Carrefour Hypermarchés to deliver much needed demand flexibility to the French transmission system operator Réseau de Transport d´Electricité (RTE).

“We are very pleased to announce our partnership with energy management expert and Demand Side Response (DSR) provider Reactive Technologies. We selected Reactive Technologies over other DSR providers in the market following a successful trial in which they demonstrated that their unique technology can unlock our assets’ flexibility without impacting our day-to-day operations nor effecting food quality, which is of paramount importance to us. Their industry-leading Tradenergy® DSR technology optimises our assets across multiple revenue streams and the latest energy opportunities in France including the Capacity Market,” says Hervé Duclos, Head of Energy Procurement and Sustainability at Carrefour.

The partnership between Carrefour and Reactive Technologies is one resulting in many precedents – Carrefour has become the first company to contribute “difus” DSR capacity, the use of electricity consuming devices such as refrigeration and air handling units, to provide grid balancing services to RTE. The French supermarket giant has also been successfully bid into the first year ever that the Capacity Market has launched in France. In December, as a result of their pioneering adoption of DSR, Carrefour received the coveted LSA 2016 award for Energy Transition. Carrefour are set to play a pivotal role in creating a more robust supply margin for the country and heralding in a new energy future where end consumers are enabled to become active market participants.

As part of this partnership, Reactive Technologies will aggregate and dispatch load flexibility from HVACs and chillers across a portfolio of Carrefour’s sites, made up of distribution centres, hypermarkets and supermarkets. This is made possible by Reactive Technologies’ advanced, future-proof energy management platform, Tradenergy®. Tradenergy® connects to Carrefour’s electrical assets via secure, cloud-based computing techniques, manages them within a comprehensive demand response portfolio and intelligently optimises them across all available energy revenue mechanisms. The platform delivers accurate, reliable and safe control of Carrefour’s energy consumption in real-time in line with specific food safety parameters they pre-set. This next generation of sophisticated DSR control provides Carrefour with a single stop energy optimisation solution that extracts full value across all existing opportunities and is built to adapt to any new energy mechanisms that may arise in future, ensuring it will always be fit for purpose.

“We are very excited to be part of the first ever provision of balancing services from true demand flexibility in France with our partner Carrefour Hypermarchés. This is very much in line with our ongoing commitment to empowering major industrial and commercial customers with our technology, allowing them to access all available energy market opportunities while future-proofing our customers and the energy system by decreasing reliance on a handful of large polluting power stations” explains Marc Borrett, CEO at Reactive Technologies.

Industrial and commercial demand response is becoming increasingly critical across Europe as supply margins continue to tighten. Last year in France for example, prolonged maintenance of nuclear power plants caused a number of very close calls where demand nearly outstripped supply. Should this situation repeat itself, the consequences of system imbalance would otherwise be a source of consternation for RTE as, without demand flexibility from the industrial and commercial sectors, they would struggle to maintain grid balance.

The partnership between Carrefour and Reactive Technologies is a result of the completion of successful demand response trials and a strong working relationship with control systems providers Danfoss, Trane and Deltadore and energy management advisory firm Greenflex. Reactive Technologies’ and Carrefour’s fruitful partnership will come to encompass future opportunities as the companies continue to work together to grow capacity in the coming years. In the coming two years, the service is expected to expand to 700 Carrefour sites across France which are expected to deliver enough capacity to power over a thousand homes.

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