Heikki Huomo steps down as chairman and co-founder of Reactive Technologies

December 08, 2014


After almost four years at the helm of Reactive Technologies, chairman and co-founder Dr Heikki Huomo is leaving the company to pursue private and family interests due to serious illness.

Reactive Technologies has appointed a new chairman and an announcement will be made in due course.
Heikki founded Reactive Technologies in 2010, along with fellow technology veteran and entrepreneur Marc Borrett. He has been instrumental in building Reactive Technologies’ portfolio and positioning the company as a leading UK smart grid and demand-side management company.

With over 40 industry patents to his name, Heikki is recognised as a true Internet visionary and thought leader.

His previous work with technology companies such as Nokia, Innovision and NXP Semiconductors, puts him at the forefront of technical innovation within the communications industry.

CEO and co-founder of Reactive Technologies, Marc Borrett said: “I’ve had the great fortune of having personally worked with Heikki since 2000. He has the rare talent of being able to combine technical innovation with commercial success. He has proved visionary in every industry he has operated in. However, this is not the end, we are looking forward to continuing to work with Heikki in the near future on further innovative developments.”

Heikki has built a unique IP portfolio and technology platform with Reactive Technologies. He has assembled a skilled engineering team capable of delivering innovative technology solutions in zero carbon demand-side management (DSM), network efficiency, reactive power management and the integration of renewable and intermittent generation into the grid.

CTO for Reactive Technologies Jukka Alakontiola added: “Heikki’s unique combination of innovativeness, wealth of knowledge, positive outlook and perseverance in making things happen has been truly inspirational to the whole R&D team and we are going to miss him a lot. On behalf of the whole team, I wish Heikki the best of luck in winning his latest challenges.”

Formerly the CEO of Centre for Internet Excellence, Heikki has also been the General Manager of NFC NXP Semiconductors, CTO of Innovision Research & Technology plc, VP of Nokia Ventures, and VP of Nokia R&D. Dr. Heikki Huomo holds a D.Sc. (Tech) in Engineering Physics from the Aalto University.
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About Reactive Technologies
Founded in 2010 by Dr Heikki Huomo and Marc Borrett, both technology veterans and entrepreneurs, Reactive Technologies Limited is a leading UK smart grid company focused on delivering innovative technology solutions in zero carbon demand-side management (DSM), network efficiency, reactive power management and the integration of renewable and intermittent generation into the grid.
Reactive Technologies’ expertise in mass communications brings a new approach to the challenges of managing electrical energy at scale without disrupting customer operations. Working with end customers and partner organisations, Reactive Technologies delivers an unrivalled, cloud-based DSM service (Tradenergy®) that enables flexibility and control in energy management and allows access to a broader range of demand management revenue streams.
About Tradenergy DSM service
Tradenergy redefines traditional demand-side management (DSM). The Tradenergy service combines powerful communications technology with innovative cloud-based software to remotely adjust the power usage of commercial and industrial customers’ electronic assets – from heating, ventilation and air conditioning units, to refrigeration and freezer systems.
Tradenergy provides an integrated and unrivalled DSM service that offers flexibility, control and optimisation of unlimited numbers of existing energy consuming devices. It allows customers to optimise energy consumption; reduce energy costs; and increase revenues by using electrical energy more efficiently – 24/7 and 365 days a year.

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