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November 10, 2015

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  • Flexibility will prove critical for effective energy management

Speaking at the Energy Management Exhibition (EMEX) in London this week, Reactive Technologies will explain how energy managers are taking greater control of their costs whilst generating valuable new business revenue streams with ‘Tradenergy’, an advanced, ‘4-Dimensional’ demand-side management energy service.

Large corporate consumers typically take a 2-Dimensional approach when it comes to managing their energy profiles by monitoring volume and price; that’s the amount and unit cost of energy consumed. By offering time and flexibility as a third and fourth dimension, Reactive Technologies provides industry sectors, such as healthcare, retail, hospitality and utilities, with a more detailed picture of when and where energy costs can be saved, and how new revenues can be secured, helping large energy-consuming organisations remain profitable.

Marc Borrett, CEO of Reactive Technologies explained: “Being flexible about the time of day energy is consumed can generate additional value in a number of ways. By making a number of small, temporary changes to the energy consumption of individual devices, we create a sizeable energy shift that is safe, reliable, and secure – and always within the parameters set by the customer.

“With accurate energy profile data, we then help our customers to avoid peak-time energy demand costs; detect the best time of day to trade energy and identify revenue-generating services that can help balance the grid. The customer retains full control of the service, without disruption to normal operations.”
Tradenergy combines leading-edge communications technology with cloud-based software to temporarily adjust the power usage of commercial and industrial customers’ electronic assets that don’t require a constant flow of full power. Typical assets include heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units, refrigeration and freezer systems. By enabling flexible energy shifts, businesses can save money and generate revenue.

Marc Borrett continued: “The way we now generate and consume electricity has led to real physical changes in the UK’s energy system. These pressures are driving the need for greater levels of control and flexibility and making it more challenging for grid operators to balance the network.
Events this month demonstrated how tight margins have become between supply and demand. National Grid issued a warning and took emergency measures, calling upon major energy users to turn down their power consumption and switch to emergency back-up diesel generators to help make up a 500MW shortfall. This led to a dramatic spike in the price of wholesale electricity prices with one operator reportedly being paid £2,500 per MWh for emergency supplies; the usual going rate being around £60 MWh.1

EMEX 2015

As volatility increases, so too does the cost of balancing supply and demand on the wholesale energy market. Aimed at energy mangers, Marc’s presentation, “Why DSM is THE vital tool in an Energy Manager’s toolkit” can be heard on Wednesday, 11th November at 11:10 – 11:40 at the Energy Management Solutions Theatre during EMEX 2015. Members of the Reactive Technologies team will be on hand to answer any questions at stand D43 throughout the EMEX event.

Business Reporter interview

To find out more about 4-Dimensional energy management and how customers are implementing advanced DSM services to control energy costs, listen to Business Reporter’s Alastair Greener’s interview with Marc Borrett here.

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About Reactive Technologies

Founded in 2010 by Dr Heikki Huomo and Marc Borrett, both technology veterans and entrepreneurs, Reactive Technologies Limited is a leading UK smart grid company focused on delivering innovative technology solutions in zero carbon demand-side management (DSM), network efficiency, reactive power management and the integration of renewable and intermittent generation into the grid.

Reactive Technologies’ expertise in mass communications brings a new approach to the challenges of managing electrical energy at scale without disrupting customer operations. Working with end customers and partner organisations, Reactive Technologies delivers an unrivalled, cloud-based DSM service (Tradenergy®) that enables flexibility and control in energy management and allows access to a broader range of demand management revenue streams.
About Tradenergy DSM service

Tradenergy redefines traditional demand-side management (DSM). The Tradenergy service combines powerful communications technology with innovative cloud-based software to remotely adjust the power usage of commercial and industrial customers’ electronic assets – from heating, ventilation and air conditioning units, to refrigeration and freezer systems.

Tradenergy provides an integrated and unrivalled DSM service that offers flexibility, control and optimisation of unlimited numbers of existing energy consuming devices. It allows customers to optimise energy consumption; reduce energy costs; and increase revenues by using electrical energy more efficiently – 24/7 and 365 days a year.

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1 Financial Times, 4th Nov 2015 – UK’s high-wire act on power supplies laid bare (Kiran Stacy/Christopher Adams)

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