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Patented System Strength measurement helps DSOs to take action on constraints

From DNO to DSO

To absorb greater amounts of renewable generation safely and cost effectively, grids will need to turn to accurate measurements instead of relying on simulation models. The underlying behaviour of inverter connected generation driving these evolving challenges apply to every transmission and distribution grid integrating renewables.

Unlike thermal and voltage constraints, system strength (fault level) is not readily measured and is currently calculated using off-line, static models. This leads to infrequent and very conservative calculations. Real-time system strength monitoring can provide a detailed understanding of how system strength varies across the network and under different configurations. This will allow system operators to make decisions based on accurate information and provides significant planning and operations benefits.

from dno to dso

gridmetrix for dnos

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GridMetrix for DNOs

Reactive Technologies have a patented an approach to measuring System Strength across a wide area of network and at a high level of accuracy.

GridMetrix can also provide DNOs with accurate measurements of power quality and critical network data, such as harmonics, voltage fluctuations, sub-synchronous oscillation, phase angle and frequency.

GridMetrix can also ‘bridge’ other standalone or analogue assets that have not been connected to the communications backbone, thereby taking their readings digitally into the GridMetrix solution allowing those values to add to the data population. This allows the Utility to visualise and deploy machine learning to enter a new phase of operational decision-support tooling. We can’t predict the future of distribution system operation, but we know for a fact that it will have more volatility, more velocity and more variability than ever before, and DSO’s that want to manage this new era will need tooling that can keep up with them.

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Increased Network Visibility for DNOs

Safe and cost-effective transition from DNO to DSO enabled by increased low data visibility.

increased network insight

Increased Network Insight

Greater visibility of intermittent generation that was previously hidden enabling real time network management and long-term network planning.

decreased spend

Decreased or Deferred Spend

Accurate network information to inform more cost-effective procurement and reinforcement decisions.

increased prediction capability

Increased Prediction Capability

Ability to understand past trends, foresee potential challenges and take optimal action.

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