Distribution Network

Enabling the transition from Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to Distribution System Operator (DSO) through enhanced low voltage visibility

From DNO to DSO

Currently DNOs have little to no visibility of the low voltage network, which poses a challenge when increasing amounts of intermittent generation are being connected. To accommodate more renewable, distributed generation, Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) face the daunting task of transitioning to become Distribution System Operators (DSOs).

If the management of low voltage networks remains unchanged, operating costs for DNOs will rise substantially. This is because additional contingency to accommodate the growing amount of ‘unknown’ distribution connected generation would need to be built in. To adapt to this new energy mix without incurring these higher costs, DNOs will need far more insight and visibility of their low voltage networks.

from dno to dso

gridmetrix for dnos

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GridMetrix for DNOs

GridMetrix can provide DNOs with accurate measurements of power quality and critical network data, such as fault level, harmonics, voltage fluctuations, sub-synchronous oscillation, phase angle and frequency. This ensures increased visibility of their network.

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Increased Network Visibility for DNOs

Safe and cost-effective transition from DNO to DSO enabled by increased low data visibility.

increased network insight

Increased Network Insight

Greater visibility of intermittent generation that was previously hidden enabling real time network management and long-term network planning.

decreased spend

Decreased or Deferred Spend

Accurate network information to inform more cost-effective procurement and reinforcement decisions.

increased prediction capability

Increased Prediction Capability

Ability to understand past trends, foresee potential challenges and take optimal action.

Downloadable Resources

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    DNO to DSO Brochure

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    Extensible Measurement Unit (XMU) Brochure