Delivering accurate critical data measurement and analytics for Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).

Increased Grid Visibility is Vital

As the energy transition picks up pace, it’s imperative that grids lead the renewables charge instead of becoming the bottleneck. The rapid increase of renewables however brings significant operational challenge to TSOs and DNOs.

  • Inertia. Increasing share of renewable generation leads to a loss of inertia, making frequency more volatile. To stabilize inertia, TSOs curtail renewable generation, dispatch conventional power plants and make use of balancing services, all resulting in increasing costs.
  • System Strength. Complex densely interconnected networks drive higher system strength and increasing share of renewable generation leads to a loss of system strength. Too high and DNOs must replace capital equipment, too low and the network must be configured sub optimally leading to customer minutes lost and ultimately an unstable voltage waveform.

To absorb greater amounts of renewable generation safely and cost effectively, grids will need to turn to accurate measurements instead of relying on simulation models. The underlying physics driving these evolving challenges apply to every transmission and distribution grid integrating renewables. Reactive’s GridMetrix® is a proven, world first technology that enhances grid visibility to an unprecedented level of granularity and precision.

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GridMetrix®: Unrivalled Accuracy & Insights

Empowering grids with the critical data visibility needed to meet the challenges that
arise from renewables 2.0

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Improved critical decision making based on real time data

decreased spend


Decreased or deferred spend on balancing services and reinforcement costs 

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Faster, safer and more cost-effective renewables integration

accurate network visibility

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Moving from models to measurements enables a better understanding of the grid

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Grids are facing a fundamental bottom-up re-architecture driven by a boom in renewable generation. While models and simulations of simple fossil fuel generators work well, inverter driven renewables need a new approach. GridMetrix® is a data-agnostic, secure, cloud-based analytics engine that delivers unique insights as services about the modern power system.

For Transmission System Operators it is the world’s first proven and patented inertia measurement service and is built on Reactive’s deep communications expertise and energy industry knowledge.

For Distribution Network Operators it offers a patented approach to measuring and managing System Strength.

Our solutions cover from country wide right down to street level and are enabling integration of renewable assets like never before.

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