GridMetrix Technology

Unique grid analytics service

GridMetrix is a cloud-based grid measurement and analytics service that delivers real-time visibility of unique system data, such as inertia, and deep operational insights to help TSOs and DNOs manage their systems more efficiently and cost-effectively. Our own extensible measurement units, XMUs, give greater data granularity than phasor measurement units (PMUs) at the grid edge and are widely deployable.

System architecture

The GridMetrix technology is comprised of a cloud-based platform, a modulator and proprietary extensible measurement units (XMUs). The XMUs gather data from across the grid and deliver these to the analysis and UI platform which then processes the information and delivers the GridMetrix service straight to control room operators.

Extensible Measurement Units (XMUs)

Reactive Technologies’ proprietary Extensible Measurement Units (XMUs) are proven, cost effective and scalable devices that enable greater grid visibility and enhanced monitoring as part of the GridMetrix service. The XMUs leverage secure internet connections to accurately and continuously measure electric grid frequency, voltage magnitude and phase angle and report these data to a cloud-based storage and analytics platform. XMUs are also able to control electrical assets such as generators, load, batteries, capacitors or fly wheels.

GridMetrix platform

Big data gathered from the grid is presented via an intuitive user interface that allows control room operators to make more informed decisions faster.

The customisable dashboard allows TSOs to select a variety of metrics to be displayed and alarms to be set.

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