Delivering the next generation of grid management

The changing energy system

The energy sector around the world is undergoing a fundamental change and Grid Operators are at the centre of three megatrends:

• Decarbonisation: Governments and Regulators have committed to keeping global warming below 2 degrees requiring a radical change in energy mix. Meanwhile the market has driven the price of renewables to Grid parity in some places despite still being at the beginning of the technology learning curve.

• Decentralisation: Clean technologies are by their nature closer to the Grid edge and spread throughout distribution networks all the way down to individual rooftops.

• Digitisation: Consumers want to be in control, whether of their Electric car, Solar panels or battery storage. While they may become active participants in the energy system this requires new levels of co-ordination.

Benefits of our grid solutions

Improved visibility

Data visibility to help you make more informed, cost-effective decisions.

Ultra-fast insights

Analytics driven from unique insights on grid characteristics to help you maintain security of supply.

Total grid coverage

Ultra-fast ancillary services by coordinating responses optimised against key system parameters.

Unique approach

Our expertise in telecoms enables us to offer you the next generation of grid management solutions.

Our technology

The Telecommunications industry has already been through its own revolution, from fixed-line telephony to new internet protocol or IP-based technology. Our engineers were at the forefront of this revolution at Nokia, developing instant messaging and notification platforms and the infrastructure which enabled Nokia to be market leaders. The priority in telecoms is in both ultra-fast communication as well as dealing with huge scale all the while not sacrificing quality or security. It is that mindset that we have combined with deep energy expertise to approach energy system challenges in a very different way.

• Measuring the Problem: Our technology has been able to measure at a higher resolution and with a wider coverage than ever before. This gives a deeper understanding of the basic physics of networks and in real time.

• Controlling the Problem: Response needs to be faster and more distributed than ever before and Reactive have made a step change in both speed and co-ordination.

• Communicating: Reactive can use the Grid itself as a secure communications channel, enabling Grid Operators a safer way of interacting with distributed generation and demand response.

Grid challenges

The challenge facing grid operators is how to continue managing their systems with the same level of safety, security and quality which we have come to rely on and will be more reliant on in the future. Grid Operators and Utilities must not be the bottleneck for connection of new technologies both on the generation and demand side and are facing the following challenges:

• Inertia & RoCoF: with a loss of synchronous generation comes the challenge of managing a more volatile frequency and both speed of measurement and response are thrown into sharp focus.

• Visibility: estimates are no longer acceptable, decisions must be taken quickly from measurements not models.

• Control: new tools are required in order to balance regional and national intermittency as well as quickly respond to extreme conditions.

In order to meet these challenges we need a new toolkit.

Reactive Technologies can provide unique solutions to help grid operators transition to the new world. Our innovative, ultra-fast technology previously used exclusively in the telecoms sector is now for the first time being applied to solve some of the biggest challenges facing grids.


Reactive’s GridMetrix is a highly advanced measurement and data visualisation tool that allows grid operators to manage the transition to a more intermittent, greener energy mix. The tool uses ultra-fast communications technology to accurately measure grid inertia for the first time, giving grid operators full visibility into the workings of their system, improving grid stability, and maintaining security of supply in an increasingly volatile energy environment. This will also allow them to react faster and more precisely to imbalance than ever before. GridMetrix gives unique real-time data insight, enabling system operators to make more efficient and cost-effective infrastructure investment and reserve services procurement decisions.


Grid Data Measurement System (GDMS)

Reactive’s innovative Grid Data Measurement System (GDMS) was successfully proven in a National UK-wide project completed by Reactive Technologies in collaboration with National Grid and SSE.

“At National Grid we are keen to support innovative products like this one that can bring a real benefit for customers. We are proud to be part of this groundbreaking project. It represents another step forward in the development of the smart grid technologies that are going to play an increasingly important role in the energy systems of the future. We signed up to the scheme as part of our work to support innovative ways to help balance supply and demand and also provide benefits to customers.” Cordi O’Hara, Director of UK System Operator, National Grid.

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GridMetrix was successfully proven as part of the Ofgem Network Innovation Allowance funded Project SIM in collaboration with National Grid UK.

“This innovation represents a significant technological step change for the industry. It will enable grid operators here in the UK, as well as globally, to manage their systems and respond to destabilisation events in a totally new way by empowering them with real-time, unique data insights.” Steven Jennings, Power and Utilities Sector Lead UK, PWC.

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