Delivering the next generation of grid management

The changing energy system

The global energy sector has been undergoing a significant shift in recent years from large, centralised conventional power sources to decentralised, renewable generation. The rising proportion of renewables in the energy mix is driving the biggest transformation in the power industry since its inception, and has also created a significant challenge for grid operators – decreasing power grid inertia.


Duncan Burt, Acting Director of Operations at National Grid UK, discusses the fundamental changes that have happened to the power grid.

Reactive’s mission for grid operators

To enable Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) globally to move from system estimates to accurate, real-time measurements giving them the visibility they need to make more informed critical operating decisions faster and cost-effectively.

Benefits of our grid solutions

Improved visibility

Data visibility to help you make more informed, cost-effective decisions.

Ultra-fast insights

Analytics driven from unique insights on grid characteristics to help you maintain security of supply.

Total grid coverage

Ultra-fast ancillary services by coordinating responses optimised against key system parameters.

Unique approach

Our expertise in telecoms enables us to offer you the next generation of grid management solutions.

GridMetrix is a cloud-based grid measurement and analytics service that delivers real-time visibility of unique system data and deep operational insights to help TSOs and DNOs manage their systems more efficiently and cost-effectively.

GridMetrix is the first and only technology in the world that is able to accurately and continuously measure power grid inertia.

Case studies

World first grid data broadcast

Reactive’s innovative Grid Data Measurement System (GDMS) was successfully proven in a National UK-wide project completed by Reactive Technologies in collaboration with National Grid and SSE.

“At National Grid we are keen to support innovative products like this one that can bring a real benefit for customers. We are proud to be part of this groundbreaking project. It represents another step forward in the development of the smart grid technologies that are going to play an increasingly important role in the energy systems of the future. We signed up to the scheme as part of our work to support innovative ways to help balance supply and demand and also provide benefits to customers.” Cordi O’Hara, Director of UK System Operator, National Grid.

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World first inertia measurement

GridMetrix was successfully proven to directly measure power grid inertia as part of the Ofgem Network Innovation Allowance funded Project SIM in collaboration with National Grid UK.

“This innovation represents a significant technological step change for the industry. It will enable grid operators here in the UK, as well as globally, to manage their systems and respond to destabilisation events in a totally new way by empowering them with real-time, unique data insights.” Steven Jennings, Power and Utilities Sector Lead UK, PWC.

“Being part of this innovative project to continuously measure inertia will improve our understanding of how to monitor grid stability in a changing energy environment.” Duncan Burt, Acting Director of Operations, National Grid UK

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Duncan Burt, Acting Director of Operations at National Grid in the UK, discusses the fruitful relationship between Reactive Technologies and National Grid that has led to two technological world firsts.

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