We enhance value for generators and storage assets

Enhance revenues in the face of increasing market risk & uncertainty

  • Market, policy and network charging changes are all bringing new challenges to generation and storage asset owners’ current and future revenue streams.
  • Renewable Generators face reducing subsidies, reducing returns, accurate forecasting challenges, increasing imbalance risk premiums.
  • Industrial Generators are hit by reducing embedded benefits, reducing load factors, ineligibility of assets to meet the criteria of valuable response services, difficulties of real-time optimisation of multi-variable asset options.
  • Distributed Generation & Storage are often geographically dispersed & unmanned and the speed and flexibility of response are critical for revenue maximisation & requires lean real-time management and control.

Benefits of our enhanced PPA

Additional revenue streams

Extending customers’ breadth of exposure to energy market segments, i.e. frequency response services.

Access to highest value opportunities

By being a part of Reactive’s aggregated portfolio, customers will be able to participate in the highest value DSR mechanisms.

Contract agnostic technology

Designed to complement existing agreements across the energy value chain.

Improved imbalance management

Minimises the cost impact of intermittent assets.

Reactive’s solution

Through Reactive’s market-leading Tradenergy® platform, generation assets of all shapes, sizes and capabilities can be optimised. Whether this is minimising imbalance risk from Reactive’s ability to accurately forecast intermittent generation and enhance value under a new highly innovative Enhanced PPA structure, to enabling access to a wider set of revenue streams from being within Reactive’s portfolio, to capturing enhanced value from sophisticated real-time management and control of assets, enabling ultra-fast responses to premium services, Reactive can not only create greater value from your assets but also future-proof you at the same time.

Our technology

We leverage value for generation assets of all types ranging from embedded gas engines, CHPs, solar PV, wind and AD biogas to energy storage.


Reactive Technologies and Total Gas & Power are offering a technology-led, Enhanced PPA that not only offers solar generators the most competitive power prices through advanced imbalance management and improved forecasting but will also provide them access to, and optimise them across, all available market opportunities.

Nick Hodgson, Head of Embedded Generation at Total Gas & Power, comments: “Working with Reactive Technologies to achieve this innovative solution has ensured added value for solar generators and enhanced our imbalance management ability. With the capacity of intermittent generation in the UK growing, this collaboration between TGP and RT will no doubt assist renewable developers and grid operators alike.”

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