Enabling the transition from DNO to DSO

Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) around the world are facing the daunting task of transitioning from being Network Operators to broadening the scope of their roles and deepening their operational reach to become Distribution System Operators (DSOs). This fundamental shift is being brought about by the transition to a lower carbon energy system and, most importantly, the increase in distributed generation.

If the management of low voltage networks remains unchanged, operating costs for DNOs will rise substantially as they would need to build in additional contingency to accommodate the growing amount of ‘unknown’ distribution connected generation. In order to adapt to this new energy mix without incurring substantially higher costs, DNOs will require far more insight and visibility to their low voltage networks that’s where GridMetrix comes in.

How GridMetrix helps DNOs

GridMetrix is a cloud-based measurement and analytics platform that provides real-time network visibility of grid edge data to enable Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) to accommodate greater amounts of intermittent and renewable generation safely and cost-effectively.



Cloud platform

A sophisticated cloud-based platform allows for ultra-fast remote network reconfiguration and asset dispatch via secure internet connections

Real-time data visibility

Accurate measurements of power quality and critical network data, such as harmonics, voltage, sub-synchronous oscillation, phase angle and frequency

Cost savings

Detailed post-event analysis informs more efficient network planning and an improved investment strategy resulting in reduced overall cost

Grid-edge data

Proprietary, cost-effective and widely deployable Extensible Measurement Units (XMUs) provide DNOs with unparalleled grid edge insight

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