Reactive are interested in working with industry leading partners. We believe that only through cross-industry collaboration can truly revolutionary solutions be created and delivered for the benefit of all.

We greatly value working with leading device and controls manufacturers. Reactive understand managing and communicating with millions of individually small devices to create a large overall impact and so we place a lot of emphasis and importance on collaboration with our device and controls partners worldwide.

Equally Reactive believe that we can positively improve a partner’s own business case to their end customers for new sales of equipment/controls or upgrades of existing equipment/controls.

By working with Reactive, we can also give you valuable insights into future energy management needs to increase your future competitiveness.

If you operate in any of the fields listed below please get in touch, as we’d like to work with you.

  • Building Management Systems
  • Air Conditioning Management Systems
  • Refrigeration Control Systems
  • Smart Meter Manufacturers
  • Battery/Storage Control Systems
  • Home Area Networks
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Direct Digital Control Systems
  • Electric Device Manufacturers
  • Electric Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Electric Vehicle Charger Manufacturers
  • Inverter Manufacturers