Our technology earns businesses new revenue streams through demand side response and energy management optimisation

The changing energy system

As the energy system evolves, so too do the risks businesses are exposed to. The rate of change and the level of complexity of the energy system are increasing, which impacts everything from the security of the supply you receive from the grid, to the price you pay for electricity and use of the transmission and distribution networks.

We empower businesses by helping them to understand how flexibility can be used as an effective tool to actively respond to these opportunities and risks in whatever shape or form they come in . We also work with businesses to grow their flexible capacity over time, going deep into their estates to integrate different types of assets that consume and generate electricity from different locations, ensuring they maximise their earning potential.

Benefits to businesses

Unlocked flexibility

Extract your electrical assets’ inherent flexibility without impacting your day-to-day operations.

New revenue streams

Optimise your energy flexibility across the most profitable DSR opportunities.


Cloud based connectivity and control ensures our service keeps pace with the IoT revolution.


You set the operational boundaries and Tradenergy® optimises within those settings.

What Reactive offers businesses

Tradenergy® is the fastest, cloud-based energy management and demand side response (DSR) optimisation service for businesses. It understands your electrical assets, and how they can provide flexibility with minimal impact to your operations. It enables you to earn new revenue streams from optimal DSR opportunities and to materially save on your energy bills through advanced energy control.

But it goes further by enabling a fully integrated energy management solution where your energy (consumption, generation and storage) is optimised 24/7/365. It does all this safely and securely with the ability to adjust your assets to whatever revenues or cost saving opportunities existing now and in the future.

Tradenergy® – not all DSR is created equal.

Our technology

Reactive’s cloud-based technology connects with businesses and their energy consuming and generating assets via their existing control systems. As part of our portfolio, business are able to unlock cost saving and value generating opportunities via integrated energy management and participation in the optimal Demand Side Response (DSR) mechanisms.

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We successfully implemented Tradenergy® DSR across a wide portfolio of Carrefour Hypermarches’ supermarkets, hypermarkets and warehouses in France. At present this is one of the largest “true” DSR roll-outs in Europe.

We extract demand flexibility from Carrefour’s refrigeration and HVAC assets to earn them multiple new revenue streams across different services 24/7/365 to help the French grid operator maintain system balance and create a competitive advantage for Carrefour.

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Reactive Technologies recognised as ‘Global Distributed Energy Company of the Year’ 2017 by Frost & Sullivan

“Reactive Technologies’ grid stability technology helps grid operators measure inertia on the grid, improve grid efficiency, maintain security of supply, reduce energy service spend, and contribute to a sustainable use of resources. Through its dedication to creating leading DSR and world-first grid technologies, the company is able to address the unmet needs of the global market, and position itself for strong growth potential.” – Frost & Sullivan Senior Industry Analyst Gautham Gnanajothi

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Reactive works with leading industry partners who are dedicated to delivering best value to their customers. Reactive works with you and your asset manufacturer, controls provider or energy supplier to ensure a seamless interface between your controls asset and the Tradenergy® platform ensuring safe and secure control all the time.

What Reactive does for you

  • Enrich your product offering, making it more competitive
  • Improve the business case for end customers (reduce ROIs, create new funds for investment in controls and devices)
  • Provide you with additional revenues
  • Valuable insights into future energy needs, ensuring our joint offering is future-proof

What Reactive does for your Customers

  • Earn them additional revenue streams
  • Improve their sustainability credentials
  • Lower their energy bills

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