Demand Side Response (DSR)

May 25, 2016


Traditionally, grid operators have relied on large fossil fuel power stations for flexibility, that is to say the ability to respond to short-term changes in demand by increasing or decreasing generation output. This flexibility is needed to keep supply and demand balanced and to maintain security of supply. With the planned closure of fossil fuel power stations as we move towards a greener energy mix, a large proportion of flexibility will need to be provided instead via demand side response (DSR). DSR is a mechanism that provides an opportunity for energy consumers and distributed generators to become active energy system participants by altering their electricity demand or supply for short periods of time in response to grid signals.

Reactive’s ultra-fast, cloud-based Tradenergy® DSR service enables grid operators to manage system imbalance more cost effectively while empowering generators and businesses to turn energy system risks into commercial opportunities.

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