Delivering the energy system of the future. Now.

We’re leading the transition to a lower carbon energy future by empowering and creating value for businesses, generators and grid operators with ultra-fast, cloud-based communications technology.

Benefits of Reactive’s Technology


Increase your generation asset’s earnings by optimising its utilisation to take advantage of both grid and wholesale & balancing market opportunities.

Grid Operators

Improve your event detection & resolution speed and save money by more effectively investing in ancillary services and managing your system in real-time.


Earn new revenue streams for adjusting your energy consumption for short periods of time without impacting your day-to-day operations.

What makes Reactive different

Telecoms tech to energy

Our cloud-based technology, borne from the merging of our telecommunications heritage and our deep energy industry experience, is what sets us apart.

The fastest response

Our advanced technology allows us to gather and act on critical system data faster than has ever been done before, leveraging significant benefits for all system participants.

Future-proof and secure

Our flexible and scalable technology ensures we are able to adapt to any new DSR and grid challenges, our encryption ensures your assets are safe at all times.

Want to hear more?

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